Art/Text/Clearinghouse project

The Art/Text/Clearinghouse project was part of a dual exhibition at the Perth Centre for Photography that opened on 8 February 2012 in Northbridge, Western Australia.

The exhibition was opened by Dr Robert Cook, Curator of Contemporary Art and Photography, Art Gallery of Western Australia in conjunction with the Western Australian Photographic Book Survey and ‘Collective’, an exhibition of contemporary photography.

The project aimed to showcase new books (hand made, digitally printed and offset) highlighting the variety of ways artists and writers work together and to encourage critical writing about art in Western Australia. The project was conceptualised as creating a space of exchange or clearing house to get innovative Art/Text ventures happening in WA.

Exhibited works:

Denise Brown and Gail RobinsonCemented by ShadowsDenise Brown and Gail Robinson: Cemented by Shadows2012Self-published: PerthArchival ink printed handmade hardback book
Limited edition of 10
Nandi Chinna and Andrea SmithAlluviumAlluvium (cover) by Nandi Chinna and Andrea Smith2012Self-published: Surrey HillsLoose bound archival Giclee prints and folded card packaging
Limited edition of 50
Liana Joy Christensen and Marie LochmanUnnatural HistoryUnnatural History cover copyright Marie Loc2012Tone River Press: FremantleDigital printed hardback book
Limited edition of 500
128.00Unnatural History
Contradiction Press and Sean Morrisis this bioart?Is this bioart? by Contradiction Press and Sean Morris2011Contradiction Press: PerthSoftback book 25.00is this bioart? shop
Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles, Perdita Phillips, Nyanda Smith and Nandi ChinnabirdlifeBirdlife by Graeme Miles, Nandi Chinna, Michael Farrell, Nyanda Smith and Perdita Phillips2011Lethologica Press: FremantleOffset printed softback book
Limited edition of 380
25.00 GST incbirdlife
Eva Fernández, Andrew Nicholls and Bec Dean(terra) australis incognita(terra) australis incognita by Eva Fernández, Andrew Nicholls and Bec Dean2011Fremantle Arts Centre: FremantleOffset printed softback book 10.00
Vivienne Glance and Perdita PhillipsA Simple RainA simple rain by Vivienne Glance and Perdita Phillips2012Lethologica Press: FremantleDigitally printed softback book
Limited edition of 100
25.00 GST incA Simple Rain
Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Eleanor Leonne BennettRuptureRupture by Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Eleanor Leonne Bennett2012Self-publishedDigitally printed POD hardback book60.00
the mitchell bros.Grammatical InstanceGrammatical Instances by the mitchell bros.2012Self-publishedDigitally printed POD hardback book120.00 (smaller version available for 60.00)
Mark Parfitt, Gemma Weston and Jamie MacchiusiAnyday NowAnyday Now by Mark Parfitt Jamie Macchiusi and Gemma Weston2011OK: Perth Offset printed softback book
Limited edition of 200
10.00 GST inc
Perdita Phillips, Thea Costantino and Simon GriffithThe Estrildid OrchestraThe Estrildid Orchestra by Perdita Phillips, Thea Costantino and Simon Griffith2012Lethologica Press: FremantleDigitally printed softback book
Limited edition of 50
25.00 GST inc
Flavio Rosa and Emmanuela Dos Santos DiasThe Frozen BookThe Frozen Book by Emmanuela dos Santos Dias and Flavio Rosa2012Pink Days Publications: PerthDigitally printed softback POD book
Limited first edition of 20
NFS (first edition sold out)
Dianne Souphandavong and Kathryn SouphandavongIn the beginningIn the beginning by Dianne and Kathryn Souphandavong2011Self-published: SydneyDigitally printed hardback POD book

Many of these books will shortly be for sale from this website.

Exhibition opening: 8 February 2012
Exhibition ran: 9 February to 11 March 2012
Artists’ Talks:  Saturday 3 March

Journalist Steven Bevis reported on our work here: Bevis, Stephen. 2012. “Photo hub winds on to new venue.” The West Australian, February 2, 8.

Download the Invitation to Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project & Western Australian Photographic Book Survey January 2012 or view the media release.

For further details check out the original call for entries, FAQs here and resources here. If you have any further questions or would like to know more details, please contact

which writer, which photographer?


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  1. Dear Perdita,

    Wonderful project, and I look forward to following your progress.

    I will be in Australia starting in mid-November 2011 to start a PhD on the subject of visual agency in Art and Architecture at Deakin University.

    I will be in touch.

    All the best,
    Gavin Keeney

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