What does ‘clearinghouse’ mean?
For this project we want to set up a structure or framework to allow things to take place and to encourage your own DIY energies to get your book made. In particular we want to use the Lethologica website as a ‘clearinghouse’ — bringing people together — hosting details about photographer/artists and writers doing or seeking exchanges and to provide links to information for you to make your book. We will not be publishing in the conventional sense (paying for) or editing your book. You are free to self-publish or to approach conventional book publishes.

Why should I do it?

  • To exhibit, promote and sell your book
  • To pull out all those ideas (unpublished collections of images or texts, funky ideas or critical passions) that you have always meant to do but never got around to
  • To develop the critical framework of your work/to critically engage with visual art in Western Australia
  • To extend your practice by being challenged and stretched by exchange and collaboration
  • To meet and network with the community of professional creative artists across art/text genres in Western Australia
  • To use Print on Demand technologies to speed up the output of your practice in book form

Is there a cost to participating in the exhibition?
Yes. The cost for a collaborative book is $60. The cost covers only part a small part of the display the books, the hire of the gallery, any advertising and opening night catering costs.

Are we applying for grants and sponsorship to decrease these costs?
We are looking for sponsorship for the opening event.

What kinds of art are included?
All media and forms of visual art and photography will be considered as long as they are contemporary art.

What kinds or types of writing are included?
Any type or genre is possible including nonfiction as long as it is contemporary literature.

What do we mean by collaboration/exchange?

conversation discussion teamwork partnership group effort association alliance relationship co-operation swap trade barter

In the Art/Text/Clearinghouse project we welcome a wide range of work and approaches. The central challenge is of course finding and negotiating a collaboration or exchange with someone from a different creative/professional community to your own, and in order to do so you need to clarify what you want out of the collaboration/exchange and be able to recognise what the other party might want or get out of the situation too. Do you understand their needs and point of view?

It’s important at the beginning that there is a mutual professional respect between the artist/photographer and the writer and and a degree of attraction to each others’ work: you both like what the other creates/does.

continua of exchange


There are different ways to describe the exchange and these continua produces different degrees of exchange. If you have a clear need to get a catalogue essay written or commission a set of images for a body of text you need to consider how much you will pay (see NAVA’s code of practice which quotes rates for text and illustrations from the Australian Society of Authors). But what happens if there is more of a mutually beneficial situation? There might be more room for both of you to get something out of the situation — often of considerable professional and creative benefit to both parties.

Some people will want to use the book as a summation and record of an existing body of work. You might decide to exchange words and images via a formal relationship or alternatively you might want to make a book that expresses a deeper sense of mutual partnership — often something that has been bubbling with unrealized potential between the two parties over some time. With the right situation there is possibility for risk-taking and considerable growth and enhancement of your skills, approaches, critical thinking and, of course, the final artwork.

From our experience, open communication, empathy, flexibility and give-and-take are key ingredients in any collaboration or exchange. Many exchanges occur between friends or friends of friends networks, so ask around your existing personal networks too.

Can I collaborate/exchange with someone outside of Western Australia?
Yes, as long as one of the people is living in Western Australia.

Can more than one person collaborate?
Yes, as long as the majority of people are living in Western Australia.

Can I collaborate with myself?
That’s kinky.

So how do I find a collaborator?
Submit your idea here. Have a look at other artist/photographers or writers asking for collaborators — numbers of participants will increase over the next few weeks. Our general experience is that many collaborations develop through networks of friends or friends of friends  — so start asking around now!

When and how will submissions be ‘selected’?
Submissions will be considered on the basis of artistic excellence and professionalism. We are a contemporary art/literature press seeking a high standard across the areas of presentation, aesthetics, creativity and risk taking.

Books will be selected by Lethologica Press shortly following the submission date of 31 January 2012.

Why should I put in an Expression of Interest Now? (like RIGHT NOW)?
If you haven’t started a collaboration/exchange we want to be able to help you find a collaborative partner. We want to take your work along to meetings of text or art interest groups. We want to attract funding (see below) to reduce the costs to individual participants.

If you do start a collaboration/exchange we need to know that these are occurring in order to attract funding (see below). We want to promote your collaboration/exchange on the website to attract interest in advance of the show. We can blog news from you about your book project.

What do you mean by contemporary art or contemporary literature?
Great question! We live in an age where there are a great diversity of forms and subject matter for art and writing. We are interested in supporting artists, photographers and writers participating in (or for emerging practitioners seeking to participate in), progressive communities of artist and writers practicing today and engaging with, the many questions and issues currently under discussion in these communities.

What do you mean by professionalism?
A commitment to the professional design and presentation of your book and the means to respond to sales requests in a timely and professional manner.

What kind of art themes or subject matter can be included?
Almost anything. Lethologica Press welcomes a wide range of contemporary works but we do not support works that non-critically picture and/or participate in torture, violence, pornography or degradation of humans, animals or the environment as these kinds of works do not fit our affirmative ethical framework.

What is POD?
Print on Demand is a method of printing books (usually with short-run digital printers) so that only the number of books you need is printed at any one time. The advantage of POD is that you only get what you need. It overcomes the disadvantage of offset printing which requires the whole cost of printing to be paid at the beginning and you don’t have to store a lot of unsold books in your garage. POD is suited to short runs and one-offs as the unit cost per book is still higher than offset printing and you do need to spend time and energy locating a high quality digital printer.

Hmmm how much is it going to cost to make a book?
Well it will cost the time it takes you to think about, assemble, edit and proofread a book but theoretically you could print 1 digitally printed book for as little as $26.17: Cheapest blurb book full colour Square 7×7 inches (18×18 centimeters) 20 page soft cover book standard paper $AUD 16.18. Add a $9.99 for postage to Australia = $26.17

How long will it take me to make a book?
Here is a piece of string:

a piece of stringWe can’t tell you how long it will take you to come up with an idea, flesh it out, write your text, take you photos or make your art, or find your partner and work up your collaboration but we recommend you start ASAP. Contact us today with your idea.

You should also leave significant time to design and build your book (depending on your skills and precisions). Don’t underestimate proofreading (by friends or copy editors) and refining your design — at least a few weeks of getting it right.

Your printer might take 2 days or 7 days, or up to 21 days if it is an overseas printer. To meet the January 31 deadline we recommend you aim on being at the printer no later than 7 January.

How many books should I supply?
One. You need to tell us how many are in the edition (available for sale).

Can I submit more than one book?

Does it have to be digitally printed?

So can I submit an offset printed book to this project?

Can I submit an artist’s book?
Yes, but you need to tell us whether it is a one-off and/or the number available for sale in the edition.

What happens if I have already published a recent book combining contemporary art and writing?
We invite you to submit it.

Will the books be handled?
Yes, they will be handled.

Will books be available for sale?
Yes. Books will be on sale at the gallery. PCP charges 30% commission and you should build this into your sale price.

We have installed a simple PayPal plugin and we offer sales through the website from 10 February 2012 to 11 March 2013. PayPal charges 2.7% of the transaction cost + $0.30 per transaction. We will not charge a fee or commission but the PayPal cost will be subtracted from your sales price.

Is there a commission being charged on sales?
Yes PCP charges 30% commission for exhibition sales and you should build this into your sale price. Lethologica Press will not be charging a conventional commission for any online sales but will be passing on the Paypal charges detailed above, and any other some online sales fees that might be due to any alternative pay system used.

What happens if I am represented by a gallery?
Normally the gallery and PCP come to an agreement to split the 30% commission. This is something that you need to arrange between your gallery and PCP.

Does my book need to be published by a well-known publisher?

Does my book need to have an ISBN?
No (it’s nice to have one but you have certain obligations to fulfil as part of the deal).

What is the date for submitting final works?
31 January 2012 — this is the ideal date — If you are going to be late let us know so that we know your book will be coming in.

Where do I submit works by 31 January?
Make sure you include a copy of the submission form with your book:

By hand (during business hours)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

By mail (including return postage)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
Lethologica Press
PO Box 747
Fremantle WA 6959

How can I collect up my book afterwards?
By hand (during business hours — http://www.fitzgeraldphoto.com.au/)
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

Books will be wrapped and returned to Fitzgeralds by 24 March. If you want your book returned by mail you must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


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