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We encourage all Western Australian contemporary artists, photographers and writers to submit their books. We have a wide interest in different forms of collaboration and exchange and as you can see have attracted a wonderful variety of projects.

Submitting your book

You need to supply some basic details about your book by filling in this submission form: Submit your Art/Text/Clearinghouse book

Make sure you include a copy of the submission form with your book:

By hand (during business hours)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

By mail (including return postage)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
Lethologica Press
PO Box 747
Fremantle WA 6959

Note: If you have worked up an idea into book form (but without the corresponding text (or art) content). Lethologica Press can host a ‘stage 1’ version (a 72 dpi pdf of it) on the website (acting as a clearing house), anytime preceding the exhibition (but the earlier the better).


  • The visual art content is not restricted to photographs
  • It can be a one-off artist’s book
  • It does not have to be by a large commercial publisher — individually produced books are fine!
  • but it must contain the involvement of a second person (& one of the people involved must be from WA).

The types of texts accepted include all forms of contemporary literature including nonfiction, fiction and poetry and also critical essays and theoretical texts. Books can even include forewords by a second person.

You can change and update your information at any time up until 20 November by emailing


  1. I have a collection of scanned transparencies of strings and seeds etc I have made. I would lik e to develop a small book which shows these sometimes in a land context , where they may originated from. others are situated on an interior base.

    there would be some words which I would probably write myself.

    Do I fit the intent of the program.

    1. Hi Nalda

      We have left the notion of what constituted a collaboration or exchange wide open. It can vary from just a foreword or short text written by another writer all the way up to deep collaboration. Here is a post on different types of exchange between artist/photographers and writers: I encourage you to include your own words as you feel appropriate but with the many people that you have helped over the years I’m confident that you can invite someone to write some words that extend the interpretation of your work (and the world will be a richer place for it!).

      We’d also like to include a copy of your Nalda Searles — Drifting in my own land as a recent art/text work as well.


      More FAQs here

  2. This collaboration is a fantastic idea.
    I was a member of the Poetry and Prose Association on the Sunshine Coast Quld,while working as a Scenic Artist for the Caloundra Chorale and Theatre. I could see the potential of marrying words and visual image for a public Exhibition.
    In the mid 1990’s I proposed the idea of contacting the local Caloundra Photography Club and organising collaboration between local photographers and poets, but the idea was not acted upon at the time.
    When preparing to relocate to W.A in late 1999, I asked the Poets Association for permission to speak on their behalf with the photographers at their weekly meeting.
    I attended the Photographer’s club, where I presented the idea of collaboration.
    The idea took off, and a wonderful Exhibition entitled “The Pen and the Lens” at Caloundra, was launched by the Minister for the Arts in Quld.
    It toured the north of Queensland twice and was a resounding success.
    My purpose in encouraging this work was that I knew many people can appreciate a beautiful visual image, but lack the vocabulary to express what they see, in words.
    Many people can appreciate the beauty of poetry/prose, but lack the ability to visualise the picture the words are creating.
    Marry the words to a picture and vice versa, and the understanding/absorbtion of what is being portrayed, is enhanced for the viewer/reader.
    It gave people more “Connection” to the artwork being exhibited, and expanded their experience and enjoyment.
    I look forward to seeing what this collaborative effort in W.A. gives birth to.

    I have already seen an excellent collaboration by creative West Australians called “Bush Journal” at the INQB8 gallery in Mandurah, by Annamarie Weldon (Poetry written & spoken) Trevor Walley(Indigenous music) Carolyn Marks(Artwork) Lee Kennedy (Audio Recording) that merits a permanent installation site.

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