birdlife printed and available now

bIrdlife with poetry and writing by Nyanda Smith, Nandi Chinna, Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles and photographs and drawings by Perdita Phillips (image, double seagull 2010)

bird in the hand drawing Perdita Phillips 2010

We are very excited that our book, birdlife, is now in hand and available for purchase.

A collaborative art and text title combining poetry by Michael Farrell, Nandi Chinna and Graeme Miles, writing by Nyanda Smith and visual artwork by Perdita Phillips – birdlife is a diverse consideration of the avian.

It’s been described by the writer/poet Gregory Day as ‘both a playful lament for our lack of feathers, and an elegant celebration of common airs.’

Buy a copy of the book, download the birdlife media release, birdlife extract or birdlife promotional flyer.


Department of Culture and the ArtsLethologica Press gratefully acknowledges support for this project by the 
State Government of Western Australia, through the Department of Culture and the Art.

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