call for Expression of Interest for the art/text/clearinghouse project and Western Australian Photographic Book Survey for a funding application

Progress on the November Lethologica Press exhibition is continuing. We are pursuing positive leads for funding and sponsorship and need high quality Expressions of Interest to support our bids.

Proposals by WA artists/photographers/writers (even unconfirmed and speculative ones) are very welcome by 31 July in order to fulfil a significant grant application.

Please fill out the forms for the art/text/clearinghouse project (here) and/or Western Australian Photographic Book Survey (here), emailing them with your images/text to by by 31 July.

We are continuing to pursue other methods of connecting participants and are willing to use our networks to be able to help find a collaborative partner. Regular blogging, featuring existing art/text collaborations and photographic books, is occurring and we welcome the promotion of participant’s books and books-in-progress.

Please contact us with your books, thoughts, ideas and possibilities.


  1. i am currently working on a book that comprizes of my latest court room performance in bunbury … it consists of the transcript and pictures in progress … i am interested in publishing it in some form or other.. would love to work with a real writer! …. regards tim

    1. Hi Tim

      Sounds perfect for the art/text/clearinghouse project. If you wish to put in an expression of interest and publicise your proposal to find a collaborator you need to provide some basic information. Fill out the word document “EOI for art/text/clearinghouse project — I’m looking for a collaborator/exchange partner” on this page and send it to me at The FAQs for the project are here Don’t forget to explore your own networks for contacts with writers too. The latter has proved most successful in the past.



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