Rupture by Scott-Patrick Mitchell and Eleanor Leonne Bennett

fire from steam by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

we have achieved time travel. we have created a wormhole that is both temporal & spatial. we have found a rupture in the world… & through it we speak to each other.

Meet Eleanor Leonne Bennett & her imaginary friend Scott-Patrick Mitchell. Or are we meeting SPM and his new imaginary friend, Kitten? Or have we stumbled into a project that ruptures artistic process & creative response. Or… are we already here, inside their world, where they speak to each other through tiny little windows? Pen friends are a rare commodity in this world, almost nostalgic… but for these two creatives the bond is essential. After all, when you find kin, you have to let them in.

fire from steam by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

fire from steam Eleanor Leonne Bennett 1

rupture is a trans-hemispheric adventure in discovering somebody who surprisingly reminds you of yourself. It’s an attempt to push creative talent to the extreme, aligning two unique visions to produce a tome that is urgent, startling, graphic and – ultimately – an exercise in showing your vulnerability through the ruptures humanity wounds across the world.

flood by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

flood Eleanor Leonne Bennett 5


Scott-Patrick Mitchell is a poet & writer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He works as an arts and fashion journalist for OUTinPerth and is the editor of the monthly “COTTONMOUTH” zine. He has been a guest of the National Young Writers’ Festival and the Emerging Writers’ Festival and in 2009 won The PressPress Chapbook Award for songs for the ordinary mass. He won the 2010 Perth Poetry Slam and was accepted as one of three emerging West Australian poets to appear in Fremantle PressNew Poets (2010). He is now editing Fremantle Poets 3: Performance Poets (2012), a survey of the Perth performance poetry scene. Scott-Patrick is currently a doctoral candidate at the WA Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where he is studying performance poetry. His third collection, .the tricking post., has just been released through Black Rider Press (2011).

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 15 year old photographer and artist who has won contests with National Geographic, The Woodland Trust, The World Photography Organisation, Winstons Wish, Papworth Trust, Mencap, Big Issue, Wrexham science, Fennel and Fern and and Nature’s Best Photography. She has had her photographs published in exhibitions and magazines across the world including the Guardian (2010), RSPB Birds (2010), RSPB Bird Life (2010), Dot Dot Dash (2010 and 2011), Alabama Coast (2010), Alabama Seaport (2010) and NG Kids Magazine (2010). She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010 as well as being the only visual artist published in the Taj Mahal Review June 2011 and the youngest artist to be displayed in Charnwood Art’s Vision 09 Exhibition (2009) and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition (2011) and toungest to be published in Grey Sparrow Press (2011). She is a featured artist in Able Muse (2011) .


Samples of Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s poetry:

 Winter by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Spring by Scott-Patrick Mitchell was previously published at creatix online journal of poetry & haiku #14, September 2011

Spring has been previously published at creatix online journal of poetry & haiku #14, September 2011.

form-043 by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

form 043 Eleanor Leonne Bennett 2

rupturing wound - self-portrait by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

rupturing wound- self portrait Eleanor Leonne Bennett 3

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