tectonics online exhibition

photograph or shadow of person against a rock background
Nien Schwarz
Ilana Halperin
Perdita Phillips
Erich Berger
Annette Nykiel
Christine M Lorenz
Linda Knight and Alys Longley
Elizabeth Shores
Rob Kettels
Kelly Leonard
Lee Harrop
Ecological Gyre Theory
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Tectonics: bringing together artistic practices united by lithic thinking beyond human scales

A variety of artists today are working with geoaesthetics and/or long-term scales of thinking that relate to geological processes or geological timescales. Volcanism, earthquakes, weathering and/or the stages of change in plate tectonic processes are dealt with directly, or as analogical and metaphorical terrains for wider issues. The artists recognise the large-scale processes that may go backwards or forwards in time at scales that are more-than-human. Tectonic thinking looks at social, ecological, political, and human issues through the lens of ‘deep time’, particularly recognising forces causing change at different scales: from the local and structural to the significant or considerable. It reverses the polarity of human-centred reasoning. Diverse approaches and media are included in the online exhibition. Some creative works explore exchanges of energies or radiation; others work with geo-materiality. Responses include speculations, performance, video, sculpture and site specific works.

Participating Artists

Erich Berger Ecological Gyre Theory (Chantelle Mitchell and Jaxon Waterhouse) Ilana Halperin Lee Harrop Rob Kettels Linda Knight and Alys Longley Kelly Leonard Christine Lorenz Annette Nykiel Perdita Phillips Nien Schwarz Elizabeth Shores


Free Download of full 44Mb high resolution spreads version here: http://lethologicapress.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/tectonics-2021-catalogue-spreads-300dpi-Lethologica-Press.pdf

Ngā tohu o te huarere: Conversations beyond human scales conference

The majority of participating artists will be present in a roundtable & discussion: 3:00-5:00pm (NZ/Aoteoroa time) Thursday 25 November at Ngā tohu o te huarere: Conversations beyond human scales, the 8th ASLEC-ANZ Conference Aotearoa 23-26 November 2021 Te Whanganui-a-Tara