Denise Brown and Gail Robinson: Cemented by Shadows

The handmade limited edition book Cemented by Shadows is the first collaboration between visual artist Denise Brown and text artist Gail Robinson.

Denise’s vibrant drawings were inspired by memories of her upbringing in rural Cornwall. Consistent with her art practice she has used personal experience to translate the emotional content of everyday life and contemporary events in the world around her.

Gail’s poems were created in response to these images and her understanding of her fellow artist. These ekphrastic works draw guidance in part from Japanese poetic forms like Haiku. This is an intuitive response to the nature of Denise’s drawings and has allowed Gail to contrast image terrain with refined explorations of inner landscapes.

Denise Brown and Gail Robinson: Cemented by Shadows


Seventeen-page hand made archival printed book with Japanese style binding in an edition of 10.
Purchase Cemented by Shadows within Australia for $180.00 plus postage/handling via Paypal

Bio Statements:

Denise Brown is a busy visual artist working on projects which extend well beyond her studio in the hills east of Perth. She was born in the UK, gained a BA Hons in 3-dimensional design and worked as a designer patternmaker and as a goldsmith with chain mail jewellery. She migrated to Western Australia in 1996 and in 2009 obtained an Advanced Diploma of Environmental Art and Design at Swan TAFE, Midland. Denise’s work is represented in The City of Melville Collection, The East Metropolitan Regional Council Collection, The City of Swan Collection, The Fini Olive Company Collection and a number of private collections in Western Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Gail Robinson is a writer and editor living in Perth’s hills. She combines her paid and volunteer business life with her creative practice as a poet and her studies in visual art. Her creative works have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, and she has had hundreds of her non-fiction articles featured in publications around Australia.

Denise Brown and Gail Robinson: Cemented by Shadows

Brown Denise 24cm x 24cm Crow Gun, page 1

Denise Brown Crow Gun 24cm x 24cm page 1

Purchase Cemented by Shadows within Australia for $180.00 plus $10.00 postage via Paypal
For additional copies and international postage rates please contact

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