Flavio Rosa and Emmanuela Dos Santos Dias: The Frozen Book

The Frozen Book was an art/text book that combines two creative sources: Flavio works with the visuals and Emmanuela with the words. The Frozen Book reflected Flavio’s desire to work with water and images as he has never experienced the snow, by placing photos in water and then freezing them he has created a body of work which play with the idea that one can solidify something that expresses so much movement in an image.  But it also adds another dimension: the idea that we are trapped in a time/space world. Emmanuela’s words accompany Flavio’s works, sometimes adding to them, other times challenging them. Her texts, inspired by what she sees, are a combination of stories, poems, visions, views, desires, dreams, and concepts. They both share in common the Portuguese language, so they say: Saude! To your health!

The Frozen Book by Emmanuela dos Santos Dias and Flavio Rosa

Artist Bios:

Flavio Rosa was a filmmaker but upon arriving on the Australian shores, his language skills left him somewhat lost for words. So he turned to photography, and after 7 years in the profession and studying, he feels lucky to have had life interfere with his choice in career. His photographic works reveal his study of the people that he met along this journey. When he sees an image he likes he begins another process that stirs up a smile and a desire to see the image transform. His works have a rhythm, a style, a statement:

I love dance, I work with music all the time, to be able to transform images with this in mind, I travel to other worlds and I hope that my audience can come with me.

Emmanuela Dos Santos Dias began writing in English eleven years ago. Her love of languages stems from having been brought up bilingual with a Portuguese father and an Australian mother. She loves to play with languages. Her voice is sometimes poetic, sometimes philosophical and sometimes caught up in that translation that is being in two worlds. Today she is steadfast working on all her scrapbooks and works that she feels have the right to be out there in the creative world. She loves working with others, so when Flavio asked her to collaborate she jumped! Emmanuela’s film The Old Lady of the Sea can be seen at http://vimeo.com/25490301.

Flavio Rosa

Flavio Rosa

Flavio Rosa

The dancing knights have come
To tell us what we must do
They shine their light in colours so bright
‘No time to waste,’ they yell out.
‘This time is real,’ so Saturn adds.
The moon hanging above listening
The man is ready:
‘I danced in the wings of fire
My body feeling the pain
I must go
Fly up and way
This land I leave behind
Saw me grow strong and bold
This land is not mine
I advance, sitting in the now,
With only the stars for company and
Memories resting in between us.’

Flavio Rosa

Emmanuela Dos Santos Dias

The Frozen Book was a limited edition of 25 and has been sold out.

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