What kinds of books can be included?
Any book by Western Australian photographers published at any time up until 31 January 2011. We’re interested in exhibiting a historical survey of what books might have been published in the past and comparing these with the range of books being published by Western Australian photographers today. So raid your bookshelves and/or start publishing today.

How much does it cost?
A mere $30 for up to 3 titles.

Do they need to be by a well-known publisher?

Will the books be handled?
Yes, they will be handled.

What happens if it is a fragile book?
If you have a historical book that is not able to be handled, we are considering using a display case or scanning in the cover and display that. In order to do the latter we would the permission of the publisher. Please contact us for further detail.

Will they be for sale?
You do not have to sell your book but if it is available it can be priced and sold during the exhibition, PCP charges 30% commission and you should build this into your sale price.

What will people see on this website?
There will be a list of books (with an image of the book) exhibited included on this website. You can also include your website (or email address) for people to inquire about the book. We are happy to blog your book during the exhibition if you supply us with a bit of information about it.

How many books should I supply?
One. You need to tell us how many are in the edition (available for sale).

Can I submit more than one book?

Why should I do it?

  • To promote and sell your book
  • To meet and network with the community of professional photographers in Western Australia
  • To help build up a history of photographic books in Western Australia

Is there a selection process?
Lethologica Press welcomes a wide range of photographic books but we do not support works that non-critically picture and/or participate in torture, violence, pornography or degradation of humans, animals or the environment as these kinds of works do not fit our affirmative ethical framework.

What is the date for putting and EOI in for an existing book?

What information do I have to supply for the EOI?
Essential information
Title of publication:
Description of book:
Publication date (estimate if you can’t find it written in the book):
Place of publication:
Format (hardback, softback or other):

Additional information
Additional contributors/authors:
Number of pages:
ISBN (where available):
Size (h x w cm):
Number of pictures:
Type of printing (where available):
Type of paper (where available):
Name of printer (where available):

How do I submit my EOI?
Click here

What is the date for submitting books?
31 January 2012

Where do I submit works by 31 January 2012?
Make sure you include a copy of the submission form with your book:

By hand (during business hours)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

By mail (including return postage)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
Lethologica Press
PO Box 747
Fremantle WA 6959

How can I collect up my book afterwards?
By hand (during business hours — http://www.fitzgeraldphoto.com.au/)
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

Books will be wrapped and returned to Fitzgeralds by 24 March. If you want your book returned by mail you must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.


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