Annette Nykiel: May I tell a story?

Annette Nykiel has produced the limited edition book May I tell a story? Nykiel works in photography and textiles. Based in the eastern goldfields, she explores changes in relationship to country, identity, place and belonging that occur when one’s ways of seeing and knowing are strongly influenced by another culture/s. Currently she is investigating possibilities to articulate a haptic language to describe this emerging space amongst cultures; to tell this story.

Annette Nykiel [untitled]


Annette Nykiel [untitled]

Artist Bio:

Anette Nykiel is a textile artist and photographer who manages an Aboriginal Art Gallery in the north eastern Goldfields on a part time basis where she spends time amongst the local Wongatha community. She commute between the suburbs of Perth and Laverton on a regular basis and have recently completed an honours degree: ‘I often find it difficult to articulate my experiences in the Outback and how they change the way I now relate to the world. I tell my story through my art and my research’.

Annette Nykiel [untitled]

Email: nykiel


Annette Nykiel [untitled]

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