Perdita Phillips

Perdita Phillips is a contemporary artist who works with the nonhuman world exploring the shifting border zones and accidental beauty found between humans and their environments. Committed to a resensitisation to ecological processes Perdy’s media include photography, sound and installation. Her practice often revolves around science as practised in the field and drawing out ‘conversations’ with the nonhuman. She aims in her work to expand the boundaries of what it means to ‘think like an ecosystem’: enlarging the nature of an artwork to include processes, interactions and connections, aspiring to problematise, revitalise and evolve understandings of places and environments. Recent exhibitions include group shows CLIP Award 2011 (PCP, 2010), Melbourne 2010: How Can a Network….? (South Project, West Wing, Melbourne), Home Open (2010-11) and Yellow vest syndrome (2009) at the Fremantle Arts Centre and the In Vetland residency/solo show at the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Murdoch University (2009).


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