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Birdlife pages 19 and 20 photography by Perdita Phillips

A Simple Rain

Fellowship of Australian Writers. 2012. WA. Fellowship News, June: 3.

WritingWA. 2012. ‘WritingWA recommends… A Simple Rain.’ The West Australian, May 29, Today 7.

‘Together, Vivienne Glance’s abstract, evocative short poems and Perdita Phillips’ equally evocative photographs create a shifting, unfolding narrative of the connection between place and mind.  Images and words speak of to each other in this gorgeous book, suggesting sets of ideas which extend beyond its covers.’

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Ryan, John Charles. 2012. Book Review: birdlife. Landscapes, Volume 5, Issue 1: 119-121.

‘It strikes me that the rapport between visual art and poetry, which is explored so beautifully in birdlife, is rare in today’s publishing world…

…Rarely is there a purposive synergy between genres and an amplification resulting from the arrangement between words and images. But, birdlife offers a stimulating counter-example. Carefully blending art and poetry, this attractive, wispy collection presents an intriguing interpretation of Australia’s winged wonders—and subsequently taps into this lineage of birds in art and poetry.’

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Artsource. 2011.’Birdlife and Lethologica Press’, Artsource Newsletter, Winter: 25

‘Combining contemporary visual art with different forms of writing, the motivation behind the book was to explore the possibilities of collaboration between text and art.’

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Watt, Yvette. 2011. Book Review: Birdlife. Australian Animal Studies Group Bulletin, December: 40-41.

‘The writers and artist in birdlife respond to and use birds in a variety of ways…this little book is a fitting tribute to birds in their many forms – not just the cute ones. As such, it is a little book full of big ideas, and one that anyone with even a fleeting interest in birds should enjoy.’

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Wilkinson, Jessica. 2012. ‘Drawn to Birds, a review of birdlife’, RABBIT 3: The Visual Issue: 172-175.

birdlife...offers an unexpected counterpoint to much of the predictable poetry on offer today; it leaves you dreaming of a life more spritely.’

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WritingWA. 2011. ‘WritingWA recommends… Birdlife.’ The West Australian, December 8, Today 7.

‘This beautiful bird book contains poetry and poetic prose by Nandi Chinna, Michael Farrell, Graeme Miles and Nyanda Smith, plus Perdita Phillips’ appealing line drawings and striking photographs. If you’re fascinated by birds, or looking for a lovely gift, get this book.’

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Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project + WA Photographic Book Survey Exhibitions

Bevis, Stephen. 2012. ‘Photo hub winds on to new venue.’ The West Australian, February 2, Today 8.

‘The Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project is an initiative of Fremantle start-up Lethologica Press, which has encouraged artists and writers to work together on publications spanning limited-edition handmade art books, to artist catalogues with critical essays, and short-run digital and print-on-demand books.’

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Birdlife pages 19 and 20 photography by Perdita Phillips

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