Ben Reynolds: Beauty in the Burbs

Ben is a photographer looking to collaborate or exchange with a writer. He currently works in the genres of street, seascape, wedding and abstract photography.

Ben Reynolds

My idea for a book: Beauty in the Burbs

A search for beauty on the suburbs of Perth. Photographing a suburb per week for 52 weeks (or shorter time frame/suburbs), creating a strong following through blogging, and culminating with a book and photo exhibition. The book and blog will show each suburbs multi-cultural society or/and uniqueness through beautiful images and interesting facts/information about the people and suburb. The photos will be a mix of informal portraits, and still life relating to the area.

Ben Reynolds

Ben is looking for a writer to:

Take control of words to the book and blog. [Who would] Help me formulate ideas before and throughout the project.

Bio Statement:

Photography is a second career for me after spending 20 years as a tennis coach/manager. I started taking regular photos 2 years ago, and in 2010 I studied a full time course in photography at CIT. Since then I have been shooting weddings and other small commercial projects. However I would like to do something more creative.

Ben has been part of several exhibitions. Recent photography awards include: finalist in the Clip Awards 2011 (Perth Centre for Photography), Highly Recommended 2011 (York Photography Awards), ‚Ä®Winner ‘My Place WA‘ 2010, (The West), Bronze Award 2010 (Photograph of the Year’, Better Photography), 2nd Place 2010 (Tertiary Students Competition Group).

Ben Reynolds

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Ben Reynolds

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