From Alberta to Westerly…

We are very excited that the cover of the current edition of Westerly Magazine features artwork by Lethologica Press’ Perdita Phillips.

The photograph is taken from the same series that is featured in our latest book, A Simple Rain. It exists as a close-up of red rock jutting through icy vegetation found on the Athabasca Glacier terminal moraine, in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Canada, and was taken as part of walking investigations, by Perdy, ‘mesmerised by rocks’, at the base of the glacier, in 2007.

A Simple Rain features other photographs from this experience, with images evocatively paired by with poetic text by Vivienne Glance – and has been described by poet Kevin Gillam as ‘a book to linger over, a book to savour.’ Find some press coverage here.

Westerly Magazine is published by the Westerly Centre at the University of Western Australia, and has had a very established life-span indeed, first being published in 1956. Over this time the cover has regularly featured artworks by Western Australian artists.

Published bi-annually, the magazine publishes poetry, fiction, essays and book reviews by both emerging and established voices and thinkers from around the world.

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