mag cloud

Another digital publishing site popular with photographers and artists is Mag cloud  The sizes and bindings available are limited reflecting its original focus on high end arts/photography magazines.

Some details from the website:

How it Works

  1. Upload an 8.5″ x 11.0″ or 5.5″ x 8.5″, multi-page PDF of your publication.
  2. Select your layout, binding and distribution options.
  3. Publish in print and digital format for speedy delivery. Print orders can arrive as fast as 3 business days and digital versions are available immediately

Print or Digital
MagCloud can print your content in a high quality format or offer your content as a downloadable PDF.
Viewing Across Digital Devices

MagCloud offers digital content as a PDF download that can be viewed in PDF viewers across platforms, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
MagCloud Storefront

If you publish your content for sale, people can order it on the MagCloud website in print and digital format using a credit card or PayPal account. You set the price for both print and digital versions of your publication.
Direct Mail Services
MagCloud manages custom printing, binding, personalized addressing, address cleansing and verification, as well as an array of postage service options for distribution to small or large groups via our Ship to Group option.
Worldwide Shipping
MagCloud ships worldwide for multiple publications up to 300 pages!
Ship to Group
MagCloud lets you ship a print copy to each person in a mailing list with a single order, making it easy to send your latest publication to subscribers, clients or colleagues.

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