Only 26 days to go to submit your photo book or collaborative book

Just a reminder that we are looking for books for our February exhibition. They are due by

31 JANUARY 2012

This means that if you have been doing a book involving a second author/artist/participant you should be getting it to the printer right now. See more details here: Art/Text/Clearinghouse project.

We know that there are many photographers in Western Australia who are making portfolio publications as well as offset published books. All of these are eligibile for inclusion in the exhibition. See more details here: Western Australian Photographic Books.

Delivery details:

By hand (during business hours)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
c/- Fitzgerald Photo Imaging
350 Fitzgerald Street

By mail (including return postage)

Western Australian Photographic Book Showcase + Art/Text/Clearinghouse Project
Lethologica Press
PO Box 747
Fremantle WA 6959

Make sure you include a copy of the submission form with your book available here



We are starting to generate publicity for the show (see Perth’s Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi will open the show and as joint-premier exhibition at the new PCP gallery, we are expecting a big crowd.

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