Liana Joy Christensen and Marie Lochman: Unnatural History

Wild Familiars copyright Marie Lochman & Liana Joy Christensen

Writer Liana Joy Christensen and photographer Marie Lochman share a passion for the natural world. They collaborated on Unnatural History:

Our book is a strange homage to the exquisitely rendered natural history texts of the nineteenth century. Those seemingly realistic depictions and descriptions of flora and fauna were not neutral. They encoded a whole cultural tradition of science, politics and history. Inevitably, so do our recombinant images and poems.

Unnatural History is wedded to its own time and place: the animals Australian; the technologies and sensibilities early 21st century. But in common with the traditional natural history text we share a vision of the aesthetic and intrinsic wonder of the natural world.

Unnatural History cover copyright Marie-LochmanThe High King Alights copyright Marie Lochman & Liana Joy ChristensenThe High King Alights Marie Lochman & Liana Joy Christensen

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Bio Statements:

Liana Joy Christensen is a poet and writer with a longstanding passion for natural history subjects. She began her professional writing life as the original editor of the journal Landscope, and has gone on to publish poetry and prose in national and international journals.  In 2002 she was awarded a Doctorate of Creative Arts for a collection of natural history narratives of the South West, titled See the Islands.  Her book Deadly Beautiful – Vanishing Killers of the Animal Kingdom is being published by Exisle in October 2011.

Marie Lochman is a professional photographer with a main interest in natural history. For the last 25 years Marie and her husband Jiri Lochman have run the Perth-based Photographic Agency Lochman Transparencies. Together with Jiri, Marie co-authored the books Wildflowers of Western Australia and Portrait of Perth.  Marie’s images have been used in books and magazines on all continents; within Australia she is a regular contributor to magazines such as Landscope and Australian Geographic. Marie has been awarded the prestigious Australian Geographic Award for Excellence in photography.

Wild Familiars copyright Marie Lochman & Liana Joy ChristensenWild Familiars Marie Lochman & Liana Joy Christensen

Purchase Unnatural History within Australia for $128.00 plus $12.00 postage via Paypal. This 40 page full-colour hardback book is individually Printed On Demand (POD). Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for printing and delivery.

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  1. image is far out (says me, who lives in a bee house). looking forward to the poem that speaks to it xx

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